Things to avoid when playing online casino

While pretty much anything goes when you want to have fun at your online casino, there are certain things that you would want to avoid if you are serious about winning some cash and maybe even striking a jackpot or two.


For instance, it’s normally not a good idea to take out an insurance bet when you play blackjack at your online casino as these have very little odds in your favor. Taking out insurance bets doubles the house odds and you are in essence wasting your money on them.

Don’t play for too long periods of time, the more you play, the bigger the house advantage gets, so rather log off and come back some other time.

Also, only play when you are in good spirits and you want to have some fun at your online casino. Playing when you are angry or desperate to win money or are tired or have had too much alcohol, will only ensure that the online casino is the only thing that wins at the end of the day.

Don’t play American Roulette if you have the option of rather to play European roulette. European Roulette offers you better odds at winning. The reason for this is that American roulette has an extra double zero bet, and this option ensures that the online casino has double the odds in their favor. Payment methods are quite variable and if you have Visa Electron Casino the payment is easy such as buying milk and bread.

Don’t take the play mode games for granted. While you can’t win money while you are playing free games, you can get some valuable insight into the games and into what you should do when you do decide to deposit money and play for real. Remember that online casino games are run by random number generators, which means that your odds are the same whether you are playing games for fun or for real money, but there is no way in ensuring you can duplicate the same winning experience the next day.